“Home Alone” House For Sale! A Dream Marketing Opportunity!

Trends in marketing real estate have  changed dramatically in recent years. The use of computer technology is a MUST for realtors marketing a house today.  This is the very reason we use every tool available to get our clients’ homes maximum exposure. Personally, we find using video and audio clips a lot of fun and gets our listings noticed. Our daughter in Boston emailed us the following interesting link!  Considering “Home Alone” was one of our favorite movies and Christmas traditions and we’re realtors, we  had to take a peek!  This is a cleverly done You Tube video and a great marketing opportunity any Realtor would love to add to their portfolio!

The “Home Alone” house looks like it could be in downtown Charlottesville around The University of Virginia neighborhoods or Park Street. Anyone interested in filming a movie in Charlottesville? Please do and then we can list it afterwards!!

Check it out! We think you’ll enjoy it!


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