DO sweat the small stuff

SO….you are getting ready to sell your home! Along with a multitude of concerns , the who, what, when, where questions start popping into your mind. Who should we list our home with? What should we establish as list price? When shall we list? Where will we go? and… What happens if we get an offer right away and we have no place to go?

Start a list now, write your questions down and Do sweat the small stuff-upfront! Preparation can save you time, stress and most of all $$$!

It really is all in the details. I’ve decided (after many interviews and conversations home sellers and home buyers) to refresh this blog and do what I just said. Write. It. Down. In the next several blog posts, we’ll begin breaking down the steps to maximizing your net profit on your home while minimizing and managing stress.

Literally, a light bulb went off when speaking with a friend and previous client-Holly- about the details of preparing to sell your home. Quick honorable mention: check out thejunkdrawerlife.com to connect with Holly and find out what is going on in her life as she begins blogging …and selling her lovely home. Now Under Contract since I began this draft- she’s an expert at this =)

While most homeowners focus on the big items ( to be addressed later), buyers are paying attention to the little stuff. Like Light Bulbs, Light Switches, and UGH! Heating/Air Conditioning Intake Vents…

Notice how much updating light switch covers change the “age” of a house! I highly recommend consistency in style, color and cleanliness of light switch covers-small detail, BIG IMPACT.

Next, door knobs, hinges and handles…consistency in metal, quality and again, spic and span-no grime allowed! Buyers hands want to touch clean surfaces not sticky, gunky, germy surfaces-it also reflects the care of the entire home.

Replace smoke detectors, clean dusty intake registers and paint the attic access with better quality trim paint. Buyers DO look UP!

Just remember, these small details tell more of the story than you realize and these can be relatively inexpensive updates for a fresh first impression.

Tricia’s Top Tips

  1. Match light bulbs in wattage and color, especially prior to photography. Select the appropriate bulb for each room, brighter in darker rooms with limited natural light, warm for cozier areas, correct lighting for vanity areas in bathrooms.
  2. Update the look of your home with white switches, switch plates and outlets if possible.
  3. Refresh door handles and hinges with more contemporary metals, brushed nickel, rubbed bronze, even chrome over the yellowed gold, brassy look.
  4. Hinges should be cleaned of grime and match the hardware ideally.
  5. Check local code for smoke detectors, this will come up on the home inspection.
  6. Clean all heat/ ac registers and paint if they are chipped.
  7. Paint trim and even obscure areas like attic accesses, crawl space entrances and closet doors.
  8. Bottom line, the least expensive way to update your house is to make it sparkle with cleaning products and fresh paint. My favorite for quality and finish is Benjamin Moore.